Spasticity – Strokes, MS


If you are looking for a medical way to treat spasticity, talk to Dr. Hakimian. He can help treat spasticity that results from strokes and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Spasticity is a condition by which random muscles in the body contract and tighten. This can be annoying at best and incredibly painful and disfiguring at worst. Spasticity attacks tend to feel like a cramp or “Charlie Horse” but last for much longer and can be much more intense.

If you have MS or have had a stroke, you may experience spasticity on a routine basis. At Laser Touch Medical Clinic, we can help to ease the intensity and frequency of your spasticity attacks through the use of a muscle relaxation injection. Botox® may be able to help reduce the pain and cramping of spasticity attacks by reducing the muscle activity in the affected area. By relaxing the muscles that tend to spasm, chances that they will tighten and cramp will decrease, and will usually be less intense if they do tighten. In clinical studies, Botox® injections helped patients with other types of muscle spasms by lessening intense and frequent pain, and improving ability to function in daily activities.

Should Dr. Hakimian decide that Botox® may be right to help alleviate your spasticity attacks, he will locate the exact muscles that are tightening and contracting and administer a few tiny Botox® injections directly into those muscles. You may experience relief that may last for over one months, although the lasting effects of Botox® depend on the patient.

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