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"I always get botox here and they are all so nice… I have a sixteen month old son , and they even watch him during the procedure. Its quick and the results are always perfection. Love this office and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
I am very happy here…I highly would recommend them to my family and friends…"

- Carla Infante


"After reaching the ripe old age of 45, I suddenly looked in the mirror one day to see that the bottom half of my face resembled a collapsed cake, and that my knees resembled 3-day old croissants (Yes I like baking!). I’ve always been into natural skin care and didn’t want to walk around looking like a desperate women whose obviously had “work” done, so I approached the Laser Touch Clinic with trepidation. I love that Dr Hakmian understood where I was coming from. Unlike other dermatologists, he didn’t make me feel less-than. He patiently explained how the muscles and skin of my face worked, and how he could tweak a bit of this and a bit of that to make me look a bit younger. I was thrilled with the results. My husband didn’t even notice the day after that anything had been done and yet all my friends wanted to know what diet I was on, as I looked so much younger! I no longer need to have the collapsed cake face, which I was beginning to think I’d just have to live with, and I don’t have to have surgery. Yeh for Dr Hakimian!"

- Anonymous, CA


"I was referred to Laser Touch Medical Clinic by my friend. When I came in, I was worried about the wrinkles on my face. Everyone in the office was so comforting. Thanks for making my first visit as smooth as possible. I no longer have to worry about my wrinkles anymore."

- T.L


"Coming into Laser Touch Medical Clinic has been a pleasure. Dr. Hakimian and his lovely staff were very friendly and able to answer all my concerns regarding my Botox treatment. Not to mention it was my first time ever having Botox injected. I am very pleased and satisfied with my results and will definitely be returning to Laser Touch Medical Clinic to continue my treatments."

- Lilly G


"I came into laser touch hoping there is a solution for my back hair. After speaking to the professional staff they said they would be able to help me get rid of my hair with laser hair removal. Its been 5 treatments now and I am very happy with the results."

- David Schwartz


"Dr. Hakimian is more than a doctor. He’s his patient’s friend. His Botox and Filler injections are the best in quality and care. A doctor that will have you come back for a courtesy “touch-up” if you’re not completely happy. What a wonderful service he provides to all his special patients that fly from all over to receive the most reasonably priced procedure affordable to all and most of all to share their needs with him and his wonderful Staff. I have yet to see a wrinkle on my face in all the years I’ve been his patient. Thank you, Dr. Hakimian for keeping my Everlasting Youth."

- O.S


"I’ve been seeing Dr. Hakimian for nine years, and am happy to say that everything about the care has been wonderful. The office staff is friendly and helpful; always greeting me with a smile and making me feel very welcome. Dr. Hakimian is not only very professional but listens carefully to any concerns. His smiling and quiet demeanors are very reassuring. I plan to keep coming back!!! Thank you to all the wonderful people at Laser Touch."

- Suzie Y


"Estoy muy contenta por los resultados que tuve con el relleno de Juvederm. El Dr. Hakimian iso un marabillos travajo. Yo tenia muchas linias al rededor de mi voca por tanto fumar. Pero un dia una de mis amigas me recomendo al Dr. Hakimian para una consulta. Al siguente dia ise me cita, y ese mismo dia ke tu ve mi consulta el Dr. Hakimian me iso el tratamiento de Juvederm. Yo lo recomindo a lo maximo!!"

- Elva M.


"My friends have been going to Laser Touch Medical Clinic for years and recommended that I go try it out for myself. For years, I had been worried about the deep lines on my face, but I never wanted to look fake like a plastic doll. Finally, after some persuasion, I met with Dr. Hakimian and expressed my concerns. I couldn’t have made a better decision. I came out looking natural and feeling better about myself."

- H.L


"Staff is very helpful and professional they were able to answer all my questions and concerns."

- Marry


"I found Laser Touch Medical Clinic online while shopping around for prices for laser hair removal. I was quoted a good price. You know the saying, “it’s too good to be true?” That saying is so overrated. I couldn’t believe the quality at that price. And the staff was friendly and helpful. The quality of the workmanship there is amazing. I couldn’t even stop at just laser hair removal. I’ve had botox, fillers, and chemical peels. It’s just that amazing there."

- N.K


"As I was searching the internet for a doctor in the Orange County area that does Juvederm injections I came across Dr. Hakimian ( Laser Touch Medical Clinic). I was really worried about having my lips injected again as the first time I had them done the results with the previous doctor were terrible. Dr. Hakimian really convinced me about his work he showed me pictures of previous patients that had the same injection. Well let me tell you my lips look GREAT. The procedure was quick and painless. I am a very happy with my treatment and defiantly will be recommending friends and family to Dr. Hakimian."

Most Sincerely,
Mai Lee


"I came in for Botox to get rid of the wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. I learned that the wrinkles on my face come from a number of different muscles and that injections to just my forehead wasn’t going to cut it. The doctor told me that I should inject a number of areas for optimal effect. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified at the idea that my face would be frozen. I mean, I still wanted some movement. And that’s what Dr. Hakimian did for me. He injected just enough botox to give me the results that I wanted. Thanks so much!"

- D.P


"Aver benido a la clinica del Dr. Hakimian fue un placer! El Dr. Hakimian y sus empleados son muy amables y me contestaron todas mis preguntas sobre Botox, Juvederm y cabello no desiado. Sus precios son muy rasonables. Yo recomiendo al Dr. Hakimian por los tratamientos que ofresen en sus oficinas."

- Estela.


"My lips have always been thin and I’ve always wanted to have fuller, kissable lips. But the idea of getting something injected into your lips is scary. I don’t want to look like a duck. The staff there reassured me that it would not be the case. And they were right. After a couple of weeks, my lips looked naturally fuller. Not overly full. I love the way my lips look now. XOXOXO to Laser Touch Medical Clinic."

- B.C


"I first started going to the Laser Touch Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, because it was near my job. But on my days off, I’m at home in Woodland Hills and wanted to go to the Encino office. I could go to any of their offices and have my Botox. It was just so convenient for me. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

- Florence L


"I was referred to Laser Touch Medical Clinic by one of my girlfriends she kept insisting on how I had to have my legs lasered. I have a busy schedule my only options for treatments were to be Saturday mornings; conveniently enough Laser Touch medical clinic offers appointments on Saturday’s. I was stoked on how they worked around my schedule. I have been very pleased on my treatment and I’m looking forward to having other areas treated for laser."

- Sammy


"So like my eyelashes were so small, light, thin, and ugly I am always self conscious about them. So I went to Laser Touch Medical clinic and they are awesome! I now have thicker longer eyelashes thanks to latisse and laser touch. Dr Hakimian is a great doctor I also had Botox done and a Radiesse and now my face looks so good. I love it ! Thank you Dr."

- Nancy K.


"Dr. Hakimian is extremely knowledgeable about various anti aging techniques that made me look 100 times younger and sexier! Thank you Dr Hakimian and Laser Touch."

- K.T

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