Sun Spots

Sun Spots


What are sun spots?


Sun spots, also known as liver spots, are flat brown spots that appear on your skin that usually show up as you age. Typically, sun spots come from exposure to sun when you’re young. Sun spots only begin to reveal themselves as you start to lose some of your skin’s natural coloring.

Sun spots are generally noncancerous and completely harmless. However, when you come to Dr. Hakimian, he carefully examines your sun spot to rule out melanoma, the most common type of skin cancer.

How do you treat sun spots?

At Laser Touch Medical Clinic, Dr. Hakimian treats sun spots in a number of ways, depending on your individual needs and preferences. Some of the sun spot treatments he offers include:

Light and laser treatments

Light and laser treatments like intense pulsed light therapy treat skin discolorations with natural energy generated by light and heat, respectively. These treatments are noninvasive and rejuvenate the skin without the need for injections.

Topical ointments

Dr. Hakimian often prescribes topical Obagi® ointment products to his patients. These products work in two ways. First, they reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation by lightening your skin. Second, they reduce wrinkles associated with sun exposure.

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serums lighten dark spots as their antioxidant properties protect you from further damage from harmful sun rays.

Stem cell night cream

Stem cell night creams contain the stem cells of fruit such as apples. Stem cells are extremely adaptable and powerful. When you apply stem cell night creams, they work to encourage your own stem cell growth and fight aging as you sleep.

Firm and brightening cream

Firm and brightening creams work just as they sound. These products make your skin firmer as they brighten it. Often, you’ll find ingredients like vitamin C in firm and brightening creams.

Eye complex

To treat dark circles or darkness under your eyes, Dr. Hakimian also prescribes eye complex. Eye complex lightens darkness under your eyes and reduces wrinkles.

Regardless of your treatment, you should seek to protect your skin from further damage using sunblock.

For clearer, youthful-looking skin, reach out to Dr. Hakimian at Laser Touch Medical Clinic to learn your treatment options today. For your convenience, you can call the office or schedule your visit using the online booking tool.

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