End-Of-Summer Skincare Routine

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Can you believe we are mid-August, summer is coming to an end and pretty soon we’ll be shopping for holiday décor? Ok, but don’t let us get ahead of ourselves, because while we can talk about shopping all day long we need to talk about season changes, including our skin care routine.

During the summer, we tend to spend a lot of the time outside and a good sun protectant is what we rely on along with a face wash to clear up any impurities accumulated from sweat, dirt and even our masks if we are still wearing those. While outdoor activities tend to strip our skin from our own natural oils and nutrients that help protect from environmental stressors and keep it looking vibrant, the usual summer skincare products that we use during the summer may not give us as much protection as we transition into cooler weather. So how can we transition from our summer daily skincare routine to something more suitable for the few days of wind and rain that California may get? Here are some tips on how we can keep our skin glowing and vibrant just in time for the holidays:

  1.  Stay Hydrated. We’re sure we don’t need to stress the importance of staying hydrated. During the summer we may drink plenty of water and think it’s just because of the heat- but in reality our skin gets dehydrated from the lack of humidity. Drinking water helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, flushes out toxins even prevent acne and add moisture back to your skin.
  2.  Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen products. Sunscreen becomes your best friend during summer, but bring it along for the cooler fall and winter days as well. No matter your skin tone, always protect it from the sun. Make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum to guarantee it protect you from UVA and UVB rays- which both can cause cancer.
  3.  Add a deep hydrating serum to your routine. A good, rich and hydrating moisturizer guarantees to heal your skin from sun exposure and prevents dry skin. Make sure to moisturize daily to encourage collagen production and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizers are not only for your face, make sure to include your body!
  4.  Exfoliate your skin. By removing dead skin cells, this ensures the most optimal way to reinvigorate your skin along with removing grime and impurities that may lead to breakouts. You would want your skin to be clean and detoxified to help bring in new skin cells to the surface so your skin may look fresh.

In order to begin repairing your skin’s barrier, Dr. Hakimian highly recommends incorporating hyaluronic acid, ceramides and topical antioxidants like vitamin C and E into your skincare regimen. Laser Touch Medical Clinic offers multiple skincare products to help you achieve healthy glowing skin. Our Flawless HA Serum is formulated with hyaluronic acid and our proprietary Trans-Epidermal Carrier to provide superior hydrating abilities. If you’re looking for a moisturizer, our signature Ageless Peptide Treatment Cream is rich not only in ceramides, but also in peptides and Vitamin E. These skin-restoring agents are formulated to fight against signs of aging and hydrate dry skin, restoring a youthful healthy glow.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss any of our products or facial procedures with you. Please call us at 1-888-LASER-15 (1-888-527-3715) to schedule an appointment at any of our five Laser Touch Medical Clinics or schedule an appointment online.

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