Waiting to Exercise After A Botox Treatment?

The exact length of time you should wait to work out after your Botox treatment will depend on both your existing fitness level and the intensity of your training. This is because your metabolic rate will influence how quickly your body metabolizes Botox. For example, those with lower metabolic rates, such as primarily sedentary people, will usually notice an additional month of results compared to highly-active individuals.

In order to more fully allow the Botox to permeate into the muscle and work effectively, you might want to avoid exercise for a few days after receiving treatment of Botox. The reason you should avoid exercise in the days following treatment of Botox is because it could potentially cause your body to more quickly metabolize the Botox and thus result in you having to seek follow-up treatment much sooner than necessary.  

With that in mind, for more athletic patients, Dr. Hakimian suggests avoiding all exercise for 24 hours and waiting three additional days before returning to any rigorous workouts. Those three days can consist of light cardio that doesn't involve any bouncing or quick bending and straightening at the waist. This is because quick, ballistic movements such as exercises that produce power and velocity, can cause the injected material to move around.

For those with a more modest fitness level, Dr. Hakimian suggests a slightly different timeline. You can return to light cardio after 24 hours and more intense exercise after 48 hours. However, he does recommend avoiding any advanced yoga or stretching for 48 hours, regardless of your fitness level. This is because holding various facial positions throughout yoga and stretching (for example, stretching with your head upside down during downward-facing dog) can also cause the Botox to migrate.  

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