SkinTyte Procedure

SkinTyte™ can reduce signs of aging on the neck, chest, hands, abdomen, face, eyelids, lips, or arms by reducing the appearance of redness, acne scars, facial scarsRosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, sun spots, and sagging skin. When used in conjunction with a facelift or neck-lift, results often yield skin that is tighter and firmer, appearing more youthful and vibrant.

SkinTyte™ works by stimulating the production of natural collagen in your body, helping skin to look younger and firmer. Each procedure takes about 5-45 minutes depending on area of treatment, and optimal results can usually be achieved in two to five treatment sessions, each spaced three to four weeks apart. If you have sensitive skin, let Dr. Hakimian know so that he may apply a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure to ensure your maximum comfort during the procedure.

SkinTyte™ treatments require little to no downtime. You can resume work and daily activities immediately, and can wear makeup the same day after the treatment procedure. Side effects include facial swelling, which is usually minimal and dissipates within 24 hours. Results can be felt right away, and will visually continue to improve over the next three to six months as your body continues to produce collagen and heal. Results will be gradual and long-lasting.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss SkinTyte™ treatments and any of our other laser light procedures with you. Please call us at 1-888-LASER-15 (1-888-527-3715) to schedule an appointment at any of our five Laser Touch Medical Clinics or schedule an appointment online.

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