Meso-Botox...Skin Botox?

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What is "meso or skin Botox?"

Mesobotox, also known as skin Botox or micro-Botox, is an emerging cosmetic trend making its way to the US from Korea. Patients in Korea use mesobotox to achieve the sought after glass skin appearance. While conventional Botox is injected deep into the facial muscles to relax them and smooth out fine lines, mesobotox is placed directly under the skin in the dermis, typically around the T-zone area. Because it is injected more superficially, the Botox won’t relax the muscle, but instead it will reduce pores and improve skin elasticity. In addition, this treatment will control redness and lower the production of sweat and oil. Though mesobotox creates an appearance of smooth skin by softening fine lines, because it is only injected into the top layer of the skin, it won’t be able to get rid of deeper wrinkles. 

According to experts, the micro-Botox trend is only gaining in popularity and shows no signs of slowing, especially since as problems such as excess oil production are relatively unmet. On top of this, some researchers believe micro-Botox can help treat Rosacea, which is redness and tenderness on the surface of the skin. Because mesbotox can reduce the amount of sebum, oil, production, this treatment may also improve acne. 

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