Are Probiotics the Secret to Glowing Skin?

Though we usually think of our gut health when we think of probiotics, these good bacteria can also benefit our skin! There has been recent research regarding the effect of probiotics on improving the condition of our skin. It’s thought that patients with chronic skin conditions have an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, less bacterial diversity and a decrease of good bacteria. The idea behind utilizing probiotics for the skin is that whether taken orally or applied topically, probiotics will provide certain bacteria that will help improve our skin’s natural barrier. In addition, probiotics are also believed to increase ceramide production. Ceramides are fatty lipids found in the outer layer of the skin that act to help the skin retain moisture.

Probiotics may also aid in refreshing aging skin. As we age, the pH of our skin increases and causes the enzymes that break down collagen to become more reactive. On top of that, when our skin ages it loses antioxidants and thus our ability to fight oxidation is lowered. Probiotics help to maintain a skin pH of 5, which is considered to be optimal. Additionally, some strains of probiotics are able to fight free radicals to help prevent skin aging. 

Research is still being conducted to find an optimal way to utilize probiotics for healthy skin. However, what we do know is that good bacteria need water and moisture to really thrive. So it is recommended that you keep your skin moisturized, in order to encourage all of those wonderful bacteria to grow.  Here at Laser Touch Medical, we have just the thing to help keep your skin hydrated! Our Ageless Peptide Treatment Cream is a great addition to any skincare routine. In addition, our Sheer Tint Solar Defense cream is perfect to help your skin fight free radicals and replenish the antioxidants in your skin. 

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